FB Paycheck FAQ

We only value what we think is important to us and what we think we are worthy of. There is a reason why so many people spend their entire lives doing minimum wage jobs, and only a select few enjoy the best life has to offer. If you feel you are worth the maximum life has to offer, you will take action accordingly. You can’t have it both ways – Think of yourself like a million dollars, while pursuing minimum wage activities. Even if you think you’re doing well in life, there is always a certain lack of self-esteem which prevents you from doing better. Go for the max. It’s all in your mind. That trap you laid, yourself.

When I made my first sale, (it was about $10) – a member of my family mocked me by calling the sale – petty. The family member had the 9-5 mindset, never realizing, when a customer walks in a business premises, they don’t spend millions at once. You have to keep building your customer base. Those petty sales add up to millions. – John Smith

Our company is a bit unconventional. You may say, “What is this? Is this an FAQ?” – Well, what is YOUR FAQ? How frequently do you ask life altering questions to your self? Every minute. Every hour. Everyday. Every year. Once in a lifetime. Perhaps NEVER! You may not like it. IF you don’t like it, perhaps you are conditioned to what we call ‘life’ as we know it, as we are accustomed to live – Read and hear news, (mostly about other successful people and how they make it or screw it,) go to work, pay bills, struggle with daily life obligations and what have you. Throughout the day, we are mostly engaged with everything that play LITTLE or NO role in altering the condition of our lives and what’s affecting it the most. So, we will do this – Talk a bit about why most people are stuck where they are.

Fido, Sit. Fido, Get Up! – Ever noticed a dog being trained? Fido follows prompts from his master so Fido can get his reward. Once trained, Fido knows nothing other than his training. He never barks unless trained to do so. He wags his tail. He serves. He is a loyal dog.

When we work at a 9-5 job, we don’t realize, out of necessity, we unconsciously become Fido. We sit, stand, perform tasks like Fido for our employers. We become a loyal pet to our employer. Nothing more. It lasts while it lasts. The trade off is your precious time, which will never come back. Ever! Fido does not have any options. Fido is a dog. We have options. We our supreme beings in all of the animal kingdom. We can think, plan, make choices and take risks, even the smallest ones. To deny ourselves ANY chance to live the best life possible is to choose being like Fido. Woof! Woof!

We Do it to Ourselves – No one has a gun to our heads. We do everything which happens to our lives by taking actions which leads to specific results. We do it in Our Senses. Completely Focused. On Purpose. Deliberately. You are reading this on purpose. What you will do next, will be on purpose too. Whether that purpose is of any consequence is for you to judge. Whatever the quality of your life, you designed it (on purpose) every second of the day and you will continue to design it for as long as you live. But here is the problem. The majority of the population will blame others (to a degree) for their circumstances, condition and general malaise in life as if (they) were told – what to do, what skills to acquire, which network to spend time with, which so called friends to hang out with? What we have done to ourselves, we can undo as well. This is a choice we have to make.

Paying Lip Service – There are those, who fool themselves by convincing themselves to believe their own excuses. This kind of thinking makes that person really dumb, really stupid, even if they believe they are smart. If you truly want to know how smart you are, try dipping that ATM card to check your balances. Your IQ will flash right in front of you. If you are 40, 50, 60, 70 years old and don’t have more than the next months mortgage in the bank, come on – It’s okay to slap yourself and rebuke your life choices. If you don’t do it, no one will. No one cares. Why should they? You had enough time on this planet to figure it out.

Taking 100% responsibility for our life does not come easy. The fact is – Most people will do what they want to do and blame others (to some degree) for their results over time, not realizing, the millions of decisions made – what to do every single minute? where to go? whom to spend time with? which skills to acquire? – were all decisions made through the course of one’s life by none other than the self.

Most people don’t WANT what they SAY they want. There is no real struggle to acquire the best, whether be it health, wealth or happiness. When we pay lip services to life, we get what we deserve. Ever hear someone say, “I gave it my all. I did my best.” – without getting the results they wanted? That’s a sign of a Quitter. A Loser, trying to justify their excuses. If you haven’t achieved whatever it is that you wanted, you never tried hard enough, or tried at all. The majority of the conversations going on in the mind is mostly negative, deal breaking and full of skepticism.

We apologize! Not for our views (It’s very REAL) but for using some foul language. It’s not as simple to answer your FAQ, without understanding why most people do what they do? Why they keep doing what they do in spite of the crappy results they get most of the time? Most people have found their place in life. They don’t have the CONFIDENCE to do better. They have sadly, predetermined their self-worth based on their subconscious self-esteem of themselves. And this is what keeps them from reaching their full potential. Once you feel you’re not worthy of something, you won’t even try.

The TRUTH is, most people are willingly content even when they are unhappy, frustrated, broke, tired and overall, sick of their 9-5 lifestyle. Most people do live like programmed robots. They conform to what other people are doing and won’t challenge the status quo. Hey! Everyone else is doing it. So, if I do just a bit better than my neighbor, I am good to go. And… Life passes them by.

The fact is, most middle class people do live shitty, average lives, budgeting their pennies, clipping coupons, taking once a year vacation with half their time worrying about how soon it will end. The worst part is, they will not acknowledge it openly, (even if on the inside, they feel helpless, frustrated and resigned to their fate ) – while continuing their journey to the grave, living a less than average life. There is a solution to the problems faced by many. We are offering it to you. You have to accept it and work on it. Your life will change. That is our mission. And, we are doing it ethically, without scalping other people’s money with lies and by laying the greed trap.

Before we begin to answer a few of our member generated questions, we want to share these views with you. It may or may not apply to you (understand, we have no clue who you are or whether you even need FB paycheck as a means to an income). Our company is built for a specific targeted audience; so, do not get offended. We simply mean well.

We don’t know what you did with your time yesterday. But if facts are any indication, millions of individuals dreaming to make an income from the Internet went to bed, broke as ever. The # 1 reason is, they have no clue whom to trust, what to do and how to keep going. Meanwhile, your most precious commodity – Time, is lost forever.

If you truly want to succeed (without scalping other people of their money and souring their dreams to build your own) we ask you to follow these FAST TRACK STEPS listed after the FAQ. What’s happening on the Internet today is simply a travesty. The entire focus (by greedy marketers) is on – How to convince others to part away from their hard earned money. The products offered by them, perhaps will last only long enough until the marketer comes up with something new to sell.

This charade has been going on for decades. Why? Because Internet Marketers know, the Internet user base is growing exponentially every day. There will never be a shortage of new suckers being tricked into buying their dream business – A business, which gives them illusions of easy riches while they sleep or at the very least, a steady income with the least effort possible. No wonder why, only a few succeed! This is why the Biblical adage – ‘You REAP what you SOW’ is so poignant and true.

You may not have missed on this irony; FB Paycheck is also attempting to make a sale, BUT, with a major difference – You will NEVER see us pitch something new to you and leave you alone holding the bag with outdated products.

The FB Paycheck system is an affordable program which allows you Real Ownership in the company. We can’t say it enough number of times – Build your network. Build your network. Build your network. If you don’t start now, you will likely wait forever to achieve success. Don’t waste time. Get started with the Fast Track Steps today!

We will start with an important question.

How much does it cost to become a FB Paycheck member/owner?

It costs approx 10 cents a day, $3.33 per month and just $40 per year to become a member/owner of the FB Paycheck company. When we say, member/owner, we mean it. You are in fact paying to become a member and owner of the company. Soon as you become a Silver member, you are automatically designated as an owner of the company.

At sign up (within 24 hours) you will be credited with 100,000 FB Paycheck points. The more points you own, the bigger your stake in the company ownership. These points will steadily rise in value and consequently your dollar net worth rises along with it.

What is FB Paycheck?

FB Paycheck is primarily a media/advertising company. You will be building your own network of customers. Without customers, one cannot make sales. People start a business and look for customers. We do it a bit differently. Here, you will build your network of customers first. It will help you make sales, just that bit easier. You own your network of customers in the system. When the system sends sales campaigns to your network, you earn a commission.

FB Paycheck is a SERVICE based system primarily helping its members build a network of lifelong customers so they can conduct their online enterprise with their ever growing customers, referrals and sales. FB Paycheck offers all members REAL OWNERSHIP in the company based on their points accumulation. FB Paycheck also plans to offer services such as BuzzPon advertising, eCommerce deals and Member Bucket List (travel and activity) wish list.

Who operates FB Paycheck and who owns it?

The danger of operating most online business is this – YOU have no OWNERSHIP rights in the business. You are merely an independent, freelance employee masquerading as a business person. If you have no rights in the business, you are not in business. No matter what spin, you or the associated company puts on it. It’s time you owned a business. With FB paycheck, you can. You can waste time being a glorified freelance employee or have the foresight to own shares and ownership rights in the company.

FB Paycheck is operated by a number of individuals, some of whom, have quit their 9-5 and some, who are in the process of doing so. We are made up of people just like you. FB Paycheck is not designed to be owned by any one individual in particular. The system affords its members ownership stake based on their contributions and the number of points they own, which can be converted to company shares later. The bigger the company gets, the bigger your share of the pie.

How does it work?

FB Paycheck members get a referral link, which they add to their personal domain name and share it with others. Just like you have friends in your Facebook social media network, FB Paycheck similarly has customers in your network. The only difference is, FB Paycheck is not a social media site. Your network of customers are private.

How is your referral system different?

This is what happens, when you make referrals, say you referred Sally and she become a member, any sales she make for anything via the site, be it advertiser campaigns or member referrals, she will split income with you 50/50. This is so because although you are making 100% of the sale(s) independently, you are not splitting commissions at the time of sale. You will be giving 50% as a bonus/reward to your single sponsor on Payday. If you have 100 customers in your network, they will all give you 50% of their income as a bonus/reward to you at a later date, on payday.

Unlike the majority of online businesses, we tag any visitor who clicks on your referral and lands on your FB Paycheck page, as your potential customer for life. It makes sense to sign up as a silver member and begin to share your referral link ASAP. Once a visitor clicks on your referral link, they will be your potential customer for life unless they are using another device or delete system cookies, which is rare. The process of making sales and income begins very early in your membership. The longer you wait to join, the less visitors you may end up gaining as your customers. Join now, get your referral link and secure as many potential future customers starting now.

What am I selling?

FB Paycheck is primarily a media/advertising company, where every member is an owner based on their points/shares balances. The bigger your points ownership, the greater the share of your company ownership.

You are selling the services offered by FB Paycheck, namely,

1] Building member network and customers. (Active)

2] BuzzPon – A Groupon like advertising platform. (To be implemented)

3] Buying and selling of member networks. (To be implemented)

4] Bucket List – A platform where members create and live their wish list. (To be implemented)

5] Ability to own the company. (Active – The process begins with a Silver membership)

When will these services be implemented?.

It depends on our members. The more active participation they take, the faster we can develop these services.

How do I advertise and build my network?

You should begin with your own network of people you know. This will give you an indication of the size of your own network. The bigger your network, the bigger your net worth will be. Poor and middle class people have a small network of contacts and most of them are there for social engagements. When you expand your network, you will keep adding professional individuals who will actually help improve your life and not just want to hang out with you for bowling, bingo and the movies.


Our point EXACTLY! Most people don’t like to SELL. Is it any wonder, they have a JOB? The FB Paycheck system does not require you to sell anything. It does not require you to become an Internet Marketer, which so many of them abhor. The system does the selling for you. You keep your commissions.

The ONLY reasonable thing you will need to do is share your business, your domain name, your website and your referral link with people. You need not explain to them if you wish not to. Simply ask them to read the FAQ. They will make their own determination if FB Paycheck is for them. Why not? The FB paycheck company gives them Real Ownership with a privilege of earning passive income without any effort on their part. The only work they should be focused on is – Building their Network.

Is it FREE to JOIN?

It’s free to register and join. You can earn free points for registration and logins. However, to earn commissions from products and services we offer, you should become a silver member, which costs just $20 per yer. That amounts to 5 cents a day. Come on now – We know why no amount of excuses can justify not signing up with FB Paycheck!

Do I get paid and how much?

Yes! All members create a team with their sponsor. The team earns 70% in sales commissions. Founding Member referrals earns 50% in team commissions.

When will I get paid?

Payments are made every Sunday on balances of $100.

Why should I join FB Paycheck?

FB Paycheck is geared specifically for those who have a 9-5 job. We have nothing against honorable work, like all ethical jobs are; what we want to give our members is a chance to live life on their terms, and not be bound by the chains of their job obligations. We have no clue how someone can spend their entire lives sacrificing their time on this planet for one employer after another? We live just once. This makes no sense at all.

How much money can I make?

If you ask the same question to your boss at work, won’t it sound silly? But, unlike your job, you can set your goals, create a plan of action and work on it. Most people have a JOB mindset, so, they are not acclimated to what it takes to operate a private enterprise. A job forces employees to have workplace discipline (we call it – slavery) for 8 hours. Those same employees won’t be as dedicated and focused on their business for 8 hours straight. If you can work harder on your business than you do on your job, you will do really well. The business is like a vehicle; just cause someone paid for it, does not mean the vehicle will run itself. It still needs to be gassed and driven to where one needs to go.

No, seriously! How much money can I make?

You know! Money is one of the most cruel things in life. It does not come to someone cause they think they are deserving of it. We have to work for it. If you are loyal, passionate, disciplined and have a focused work ethic, you can write your own number on the weekly checks. It’s not hard. It just takes a bit of mindset change. What we have in our lives is due to the mindset we have developed over the years.

Can I become super rich with FB Paycheck?

That IS the idea. If you are loyal and do your part, you can become wealthy, especially with the tiny amount of start up cost it takes. Money makes the world go round. Don’t kid yourself – It takes real money to live the best life there is. There is no virtue in being poor or living a mediocre life. In fact, living poor for an extended period of time is a subtle badge of an unintelligent person. The pastor at the mega church works no harder than you, is no more deserving of the millions than you are. God resides everywhere, but the richest people on the planet are men of God who can convince the biggest crowds to attend their church. The same applies to your business.

What if I don’t make any money?

FB Paycheck gives its members a profit guarantee. How can we do that? Simple. It costs just 5 cents a day to use the system. We work hard to bring basic traffic on the site to make members profitable. But that does not mean we will work on your behalf to pay your bills. What you earn is entirely up to you, your dedication and loyalty towards your business. The system does not provide marketing or advertising advise. For that, you can learn how to do it via sources available online. For starters – hit google up and search for keywords/phrases such as – How to promote a business? etc. For starters, what works best for some members are – mini home seminars, handing out quality business cards with your personal domain name on it, creating YouTube videos.

How can I become an owner in the company?

This is a simple process. First, register and become a silver member. Build your network to at least 100 referrals. Earn income by selling our system services to people you know and via online and offline. Become a Founding Member. This is the last step where you are officially qualified to earn company ownership.

What if this is not for me?

Hey! It’s your life. Do what you want! Those who want to make things happen in their lives, will; and those who don’t – won’t. Some do and some don’t. This is how things are. What can we say? We don’t live in a vacuum. If you are not doing one thing, you are always doing something else. Ask yourself, why is that ‘something else’ more important? Regardless, much of your time will be consumed with nonsense and daily distractions which will do no good to you. Our job is to present everyone an opportunity to build something of value, which will pay huge dividends to them and their loved ones. We provide the opportunity and the system. What you make of it, is 100% your responsibility just as it is with other aspects of your life.

Why is your site so conversational?

That’s how we are. We love to be preachy, but with hard truths no one wants to be talking about. There is enough foggy bullshit out there, keeping people down. We clear the air a bit. The 2% of the wealthy (or whatever the % might be) will always govern how the masses think, act and live. There is nothing anyone can do about that. But YOU, you don’t have to be like the masses. YOU can change.

What else?

The system will be adding more features as it grows. The system’s design growth (will cost thousands of dollars) is member driven since members will be given company ownership. One more thing. Most people, right up until their last days, keep dreaming, keep wishing for a good life devoid of the drudgery of the 9-5; but, the good life costs a lot of money. And we really mean it – The good life costs a lot of money.

The good life need not be just about material things. But why not? Anyone can make plans for a week long vacation once a year. But to decide on a whim, to visit the Swiss Alps at a moments notice, without a care in the world or to have the ability to donate thousands of dollars for a good cause, is what we call – A Good Life. If one is not willing to start with an opportunity like FB Paycheck, what are the chances of….?

Important : Your active subscription is required in order to receive your earned FB Paycheck weekly Sunday payments.

There is no better time to start than now. As time goes by, you will add value to your network, which you can sell in the future and earn an ongoing income as it grows.

Just do it.

The Fast Track Steps : – Fast Track Steps are meant to be complete in the next 30 minutes. Each step will open in a new page. Upon completion, go to the next step.

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The blog set up process is fairly simple. The blog hosting company are very helpful, in case you have any technical questions. Choose a domain name which fits your blog theme. If you have a travel blog, get a name which describes, what else? – Travel. Once the blog is set up, write your 1st post. Within your blog posts, add your FB Paycheck referral link with a short intro.

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