FB Paycheck – Income Guarantee

FB Paycheck (FBPC) is a private, independent company involved in helping build networks and a customer base for its members.

FB Paycheck makes no income guarantees to its members. We offer members the ability to build their network contacts. The sole responsibility of building the network lies with members alone. With hard work, focus and dedication, anything is possible.

Every individual’s results are based on many variables including their investment of time, effort, resources and may not be duplicated by a potential member, even in similar circumstances.

Members of FB Paycheck shall make no false claims of monetary or personal benefits based on its affiliation with the company. Any income claims or personal experiences are attributed to individual member activities and FB Paycheck makes no guarantees or assurances of current or future results based on member’s association with the company.

Income Guarantee – last updated on June 12, 2017