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FB Paycheck - Points Profits

How to accumulate FB Paycheck points and profit from it?

What are FB Paycheck Points? : FB Paycheck points allow you to claim ownership in the company. They are units of the company, whose value keeps rising based on membership growth, products and services revenues and investment from members and 3rd parties.

What is the current point value? : The most up to date point value is listed on the ‘POINTS’ page via the menu link.

When does the point value rise? : Although, we can’t disclose at which stage the value rises, we can give you an example so you have an idea. Say FB Paycheck membership is at 500. As soon as the membership reaches 1000 members along with the corresponding minimum Silver Membership, the point goes up by 1 unit.

Why is FB Paycheck points a sound investment? : For one, the value of your FB Paycheck points will never decrease. The value keeps doubling as the company keeps growing. Overnight, your base FB Paycheck bucks value doubles with each unit increase in the point rate and will keep growing as the company grows.

Are these company shares? : Not yet! Legally, FB Paycheck cannot issue company shares without SEC approval. Until we reach a point where the company is ready to have the correct legal structure, your accumulated points will be measured in FB Bucks. Each FB Bucks will be proportionate to 1 U.S. dollar at the time of conversion in the near future.

How much money can I make with FB Paycheck points? : We can’t forecast the actual value of your future returns as of yet. But, the greater your points count, the greater your share of the company and by association, your monetary returns.

What is the minimum number of points should I own? : There is NO limit. The greater your points ownership, the bigger your company ownership value. At Genesis, 1 Million FB Paycheck points equaled 100 FBPC bucks. At the next rate of FBPC 0.0002 your points value will be 200 FBPC Bucks. At 0.0010, your 1 Million points turn to 1000 FBPC Bucks. At 0.01, your 1 Million points become 10,000 FBPC Bucks. Each FBPC Buck will be tentatively equal to $1 U.S. – when points conversion occurs.

Can I sell my FBPC points? : You sure can. We are designing an exchange where members can buy and sell their points at or below current rates. Points can only be sold between 2 active and valid members in good standing.

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