FB Paycheck ‘Class B’ Ownership Points : Current Value 1 Point = 0.0001 cent
Conversions : (1 Class A Point for 2 Class B Points)

Points Value Examples Based on Current Price per Point

1 Million FB Paycheck Points @ 0.0001 rate = $100 FB Bucks. When rate rises to 0.0002 your $100 FB Paycheck Bucks becomes $200 FB Paycheck Bucks.
1 Million FB Paycheck Points @ 0.0002 rate = $200 FB Paycheck Bucks.
1 Million FB Paycheck Points @ 0.0010 rate = $1000 FB Paycheck Bucks and so on.

As the base value (rate) of each point rises, your total FB Paycheck Bucks value increases. Points can be sold in our upcoming marketplace. Accumulate points towards ownership in FB Paycheck. Your ownership in the company could translate into hundreds of thousands of dollars. All you need to do is become a Silver Member, accumulate points via Buzzpon/Founding Membership and keep building your network.

Buy Points : Minimum 100000

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