FB Paycheck – Terms & General Membership Conditions

FB Paycheck is a private company and access is via invite only.

Preferred member/owner information is strictly confidential and is not shared with anyone except with our accounting and legal divisions.

FB Paycheck is a private company engaged in the business of building member network and offering sales campaigns for members and advertisers.

FB Paycheck allows for independent sharing of corporate and 3rd party affiliate links/articles/videos by 3rd party content owners and does not claim to endorse the accuracy of content posted on our website by those entities. Anyone using information posted on FB Paycheck website by 3rd party affiliates and advertisers should perform their own due diligence and confirm its accuracy from an independently authorized source.

FB Paycheck website members are independent participants and have no claim to the FB Paycheck brand, its assets and have no direct or indirect claims or access to its operational functions.

FB Paycheck members must keep their account subscription active in order to avail payments due to their accounts. Any canceled or revoked accounts will lose their stake in pending balances.

Registered member/affiliates are responsible for filing their income statements with the IRS where and when necessary depending on the jurisdiction of their residence.

Integrity Media Company, the parent company of FB Paycheck assumes and bears no responsibility on member activities and resulting actions, experiences and consequences thereof, which are independent to FB Paycheck business functions.

FB Paycheck has a strict ‘No Refund’ policy due to access to our services and payments being made to their immediate sponsors. Any member may cancel their subscription at any time. Any cancellation of membership at any time will result in immediate loss of owner privileges in any assigned levels of membership.

FB Paycheck members are paid weekly (every Sunday) for minimum balances of $100.

Members of FB Paycheck shall make no false claims of monetary or personal benefits based on its affiliation with the company. Any income claims or personal experiences are attributed to individual member activities and FB Paycheck makes no guarantees or assurances of current or future results based on member’s association with the company.

FB Paycheck Security : Each registered user is accountable for the confidentiality of their own password. If a user’s password becomes compromised, it is the user’s responsibility to change their password. Users are wholly accountable for unauthorized obtainment of information, goods and services that may occur if their password is compromised.

Users may be advised that their password is “weak,” and that a “stronger” password should be chosen. This advisement, regrading the strength or weakness of a password, does not depreciate a user’s accountability for maintaining the confidentiality of their password.

All payments undertaken via FB Paycheck are processed via PayPal. Member payment/login info made via PayPal on their site is secure and any compromise on individual member payment accounts should be dealt with via PayPal support system.

Terms last updated – May 15, 2017